If You Were Here

I just finished reading this book.

It’s the sixth book by Jen Lancaster but her first fiction. Up until now she has written hilarious books based on her life (all started from her very own blog, www.jennsylvania.com).

I’m that crazy person that has read all of her books and am fully convinced we’d be marvelous friends. You know, despite the fact that we’re completely different ages, we live in completely different areas, and have completely different lifestyles. We just get each other. 

“Oh hey my name’s Jen too. We’re so unique!”

“Oh Jen you love to read books marketed to junior high girls? Me too!”

” Oh Jen you sleep with a knife next to your bed while your husbands gone? Me too!”

Yeah, so we really don’t have that much in common. Still there’s something about the way she writes that I completely relate to and makes her feel like she’s a friend. I think a lot of people despite their age, location or lifestyle would feel the same way.

After finding one of her books for cheap at a second hand book store I hunted down the rest and poured through them immediately. I even pre-ordered this current one on my fancy pants Kindle.

I was giddy when I saw it arrive and stopped the book I was reading to read this one immediately. Not only was it written by someone I think is hilarious but it was about a couple rehabing a hot mess of a mansion. Comedy and home decorating? Sign me up! Right? Um… not really.

I love everything else she’s done and just feel plain guilty saying that this one just wasn’t up to par. I feel like I’m tell my friend, “why yes, you do look fat in those pants”. Nothing good will come of it and we’ll both feel terrible afterwards.

While it was definitely funny at times I didn’t feel any short of build up in the tension she was trying to create and it was just a tad on the…the… the boring side. There I said it!

Would I recommend it? Um, probably, but only because I like her and I don’t want to hurt her feelings. I would definitely recommend reading all her other books though. Here are those titles…

Pretty in PlaidBright Light Big AssBitter is the New BlackSuch a Pretty Fat


Bitter is the New


Bright Light Big Ass

Such a Pretty Fat

My Fair Lazy

I hope that she’s writing another book about her actual home renovation struggles that are going on right now. (Seriously, check out her website www.jennsylvania.com ugliest wall paper I have ever seen.) The reality of her life is much funnier than fiction.

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