Spring is Here!

A year and a half ago we started working on the outside of our house. After getting these precious little guys (making our total dog count 4)…

I was in dire need of a fence. As cute as these angels appear to be they woke me up every night at about 2 am to go to the bathroom. I would set them down outside and like any good hound they took off following any scent they could find, IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS. Oh it was a nightmare. I’d chase them down through the waist high weeds and eventually crawl back into bed about thirty minutes later bleeding from those awful, thorny weeds.

My husband is gone most of the summer working so the pleasure of chasing puppies through the night was all mine. When he came home one week I threatened his life for a fence. Well not really but I demanded as opposed to suggesting or asking or anything nice. Luckily, he completely understood and took the week off of work to build me one. Yay!

We fenced in just a portion of our property for the dogs so we had maybe half an acre of fenced in weeds and dirt. Ah so pretty…

The whole family. The puppies got so big and are only 7 months here!


That spring, with the help of a few friends, my husband put in underground sprinklers and sod. I did the rock border and filled in the dog pen all by myself:) We also put up two maple trees (with mini fences after our dogs chewed the first three to nubs). I searched around my computer and can’t find a single picture of our yard now. It’s rainy and gross today but one day I’ll have to get some.

We’ve come a long way but I still have a laundry list of things I want to accomplish outside this spring.

1. Restain the house.

2. Fill in the checks and chink around windows, doors and exposed ends.

3. Restain the deck.

4. Paint the exterior of the french doors.

5. Add a window box to the kitchen window.

6. Pull out grass under the propane tank and put in rocks.

7. Refill, paint and create a cover for the horseshoe pits.

8. Clean up the dog pen and add more wood chips.

9. Pull weeds around the house.

10. Scrub front door and repaint.

Ten items doesn’t seem like a much but I think they’re really going to be time consuming. I’m sure more and more items will be added as the weather gets nicer as well.

What’s on your outdoor project list? How do you create curb appeal?

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