Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

One of the many things I love about running is its simplicity. You can run in anything and anywhere.  It’s something you can take up that can cost virtually nothing. Since I took to running more seriously I even cancelled my gym membership and haven’t missed it at all. However, I’ve gotten several new gadgets, clothing and accessories. Another thing I love about running…all the cool stuff you can buy if you feel like it.

Remember how I mentioned in a previous post that I had only gone for one run in the month and half before my first marathon? If not you can read about it here (haha, this is only my second running post so I linked the the post directly before this one. Gotcha!).

Well that ambitious outing was a whole 18 miles and the very first time I ever ran with a water bottle. I had stopped at the gas station by the running trail to put tights on under my shorts since it was a little colder than it looked. I can’t explain why but I feel guilty going into somewhere and not buying something so I got a sports style (squirty nozzle) water bottle. Then, because I live my life on the wild side, I got the crazy idea to… wait for it… carry it with me on my run! Brilliant!

I had little sips the entire way and felt amazing! My life of long runs was changing forever. I immediately went to my local running store to see what kind water carrying options were out there for me. I found out I wasn’t the only person that wanted to carry water with them on a long run. Go figure. There went that million dollar idea.

I purchased this Nathan bottle. You can get it for about $25 and read some reviews here.

Nathans Quickdraw Elite

I liked that it had an adjustable strap so I didn’t really have to grip it like my gas station bottle. Plus it had a lovely little pouch with a key clip and plenty of room for any random items I feel like having with me.

I ran the Tacoma City Marathon with it and was able to fit two Gu gels and some ibuprofen in the pouch with no problems. I love not having to stop and be dying of thirst at the aide stations. Then enivitably drinking too much. Plus it doesn’t slow me down. Stopping for me is one of the worst things since it’s so hard to get going again.  

One day I’ll have to put a post detailing my first marathon experience a little more extensively since it was actually pretty great. In relation to my water bottle though, at one point I saw a station coming up and started dumping the little remainder of my warm water to fill it up. One of the guys maning the station saw and ran out to get my water bottle. By the time I reached the station he had it all filled up with nice cold refreshing water and I never had to stop. Gentlemen still do exist.

Anyway, I can’t emphasize enough how much running with water and staying properly hydrated makes any run a million times better. I guess my high school basketball coach wasn’t just trying to be annoying when he said over, and over, and over, and OVER again “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate”. You were really on to something Marc so I apologize (many years later) for rolling my eyes at you.

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