The Greatest Running Accessory EVER

The greatest running accessory ever is quiet a statement. I’m sure your eager to see what can be so great that I would place it above all else. Well, here it is….

This is his puppy picture but I love it. You can see what a goofball he is.

This is him this week. It's hard to get him to stay still, even lying down.

Yep, that’s a member of my wolf pack. His names Oliver but we call him Olie (actually pronounced Oly like after Olympia beer…yes, my husband started that trend). I could go on and on about how I think he’s the biggest, sweetest, goofiest dog ever but I’ll try to keep this about running.

Olie is my running partner of choice. Unlike a human partner, he has no qualms matching my tempo as oppose to setting his own. He never complains and he never stops smiling on runs. Plus there’s never a day when he just doesn’t feel like joining me. His constant giddiness about running only fuels me even more.

I even took him on this run with me. It was a very pretty 14 mile run on dirt roads and the aid stations even had bowls for him to drink out of. I actually found a picture of me and Olie when googling images of the race but since it’s copyrighted and I don’t want to email the person I’m just providing this link.  Pretty right?! We had a blast together and he was passed out and snoring in the back seat 10 minutes later.

Here’s a picture I found online that someone took with their iPhone. Even with a camera phone you imagine how pretty the run was.

To make running with him more convenient I hunted down this leash after seeing several other runners with them. It was on clearance at a local dog supply store for about $15. It clips around my waist and when he decides to switch from side to side it just rotates around me instead of wrapping me up like his hand-held leash use to.

The Buddy System. This isn't exact one I have (it looks a little nicer) but it's pretty similar. My leash attachment is elastic like a giant scrunchy.

Dont’ have the money for random items like this? No problem, you could easily loop your regular leash around your waist and through the handle instead. Some people even prefer just holding on to the leash. The only potential downsides I see to that are the length and, if your dog doesn’t stay on one side very consistently, it seems like it could tighten and not rotate as well around your body. I thought that this would be very distracting so I got this one.

Don’t have a dog? Borrow one! If you’re going out for a walk or run anyway it really doesn’t hurt to pick up a friend for the journey. I know our local Animal Control will let you borrow a dog to take for a run or walk so check out the policy at yours. Those poor little guys are cooped up indoors and in tiny kennels all day and could really use the exercise. Plus, their enthusiasm is infectious. They say pets and exercise reduce stress so imagine how relaxed you be after performing such a good deed!

This public service announce brought to you by me:)

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