I’m going to preface this with the fact that when I went to school I thought about becoming an interior designer or writer. Something artistic and creative. Turns out they got rid of the interior design major at my school and I pictured being a barista for the rest of my life with an English degree. As a result I have a degree in Biomedical Science- the next best thing right? Okay, so I’m surprisingly practical as well. Also, I think the fact that I’m a scientist implies my lack of conversational skills so now I’ll continue…

I redecorate, and repaint, and search craigslist and shops for secret treasures on a painfully (for my husband) regular basis. My husband and I moved to a different town for his job and bought a house 2 years ago and so far I do not have a single, solitary friend in this town. Don’t get me wrong I’ve made somewhat of an effort by joining a running club and going to events as well as volunteering around town. I do talk to people in these cases…as long as they talk to me first. Yes, a complete lack of social skills and the ability to make small talk or start a conversation with a stranger.

So, who do I get to share all my painting and projects with? No one. Who goes to Home Depot with me to stare at random items for unnecessary lengths of time before I decide to go home and think about it, yet again? No one. Well, sometimes my husband but I feel it’s out a pity and marital obligation. Now I will share it with the world, or possibly just my mom because I don’t know who else would ever choose to read this.

I’ll probably include other things I enjoy as well. I read a lot and people are constantly asking what I’m read (you must be thinking, “but you have no friends, who are these ‘people’?” These people are coworkers that see me reading in the lunch room alone every day and try to make small talk, which I’ve already established I’m not good at) so maybe I’ll let you know if there’s something worth reading. I’m also training for a marathon (my second) and might share some information on the process. Though most of my spare time is spent doing things around the house and daydreaming about all the projects I would undertake if I were Oprah rich.

What would you do if you were Oprah rich?

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